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Grooming FAQ


What do I need to bring for my grooming appointment?

In order to get your dog groomed at Paws in Paradise, we need you to fill out and sign a grooming enrollment form and authorization form. We also require that you bring a copy of your pet's up to date vaccination records.


Can I stay with my pet while they are getting groomed?

We do not usually allow owners to stay with their pet. In our experience we feel that having the parent in the room can distract the pet and cause them to move around more during the grooming as opposed to staying still. If you would like to stay with your pet as they are getting groomed, please let us know and we will discuss with you your options for setting up the appointment.


How long does the grooming take?

Grooming a pet is a process and the time it takes to groom any pet varies depending on a couple of factors such as, size, coat type, and temperament.  Temperament is usually the largest factor because if the dog moves around too much, the groomer must go much slower. Upon request we will try our best to give you a timeframe for the grooming, and we will also call you to update if it is going to take longer then we had originally planned


What if I cannot make it to my appointment?

We understand that sometimes you will not be able to make it to your appointment. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can open the slot for someone who may be looking to get their pet groomed.


How do I book an appointment?

Call us or come in to schedule an appointment. We do not make appointments over email. You will also be able to request a specific groomer


Do you take Walk-ins for grooming?

Yes, We take walk-ins for grooming upon availability. As grooming appointments may not be available during busier seasons we recommend that you call ahead to schedule appointments



Dog Daycare and Boarding FAQ


What do I need to set my dog up for Daycare/Boarding with Paws in Paradise?

To set your dog up for dog daycare and boarding at Paws in Paradise we will need you to set up a test screening so that we can meet you and your dog. For the test screening you will need to leave your dog at our facility for an hour so that we can get a feel for their temperament and how they get along with other dogs. When you bring your dog in for their test screening you will also need to fill out our daycare enrollment forms and daycare authorization forms. We will also need you to bring updated shot records for your dog of the following vaccinations: rabies, bordatella, and DAPP. If your dog is able to pass their test trial then they will officially become a daycare client of Paws in Paradise and you can bring them by to play anytime


What kinds of dogs come to Paws in Paradise?

At Paws in Paradise we have a variety of different dogs of different breeds that come to our facility daily. We have a screening process before any dog can become a regular client. The screening process is to make sure that all dogs before they come to our facility are well behaved and get along with the other dogs that are already coming to our facility.


Where does my dog sleep during overnight boarding?

At Paws in Paradise we pride ourselves in being as cage free as possible. We will either try to separate the dogs into different rooms or pens. The pens are different from cages because they do not have a ceiling and are less claustrophobic for the dog


Will you feed my dog?

Yes, You will be able to set a feeding schedule during the day for your pet. If you bring your own food the feeding is free, but there is a $3 fee to feed your dog our store’s house food. We will not be able to leave food out for your dog during the day because the other dogs may attempt to eat your dog’s food.


My dog has special medications; can you administer it to them?

Please inquire with us about any kinds of medications that your pet may need during the day


Can you take my dog outside to do their business?

We take all the dogs out to our yard every hour and a half so that they can do their business. We can also walk your dog around the block for a nominal fee.


Is there somewhere that my dog can take a rest during the day?

Throughout the day there are a variety of cots set up in the daycare area. If your dog needs a rest they are able to take a nap on the cots. We can also separate any dog from the pack and take them to another area to rest upon the owner’s request.


What are the daycare hours?

Daycare hour are our regular store schedule. You may pick up and drop off your dog anytime within those hours


Dog Walking and Pet Sitting FAQ


How do I set my pet up for dog walking/pet sitting?

To set your pet up for dog walking/pet sitting we will first need you to call us and schedule a meet and greet. During the meet and greet one of our staff members will come to your home to meet with you and your pet, take down specific instructions on caring for your pet, key check, and also look over the required forms.


Can I set a regular schedule for dog walking/pet sitting?

Yes, we encourage regular schedules because it gives your pet a regular routine for them to follow and consistency for them during the week.


Can you feed my pet as well?

Yes, we are more then happy to feed your pet. However the time required to feed your pet is included in the dog walking/pet sitting.


Do you pet sit any other animals besides Dogs and Cats?

Sometimes, please call to inquire about the service for animals other then a cat or dog. For example there has been a situation where we have pet sit for a client’s turtle.


What are the hours for Dog Walking/Pet Sitting?

The hours for dog walking/pet sitting are between 10:00am-8:00pm, schedules are within 2 hour intervals. If you need special hours please let us know and we may be able to accommodate.

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